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Trish TNT Hill vs. Keri The Crusher Crothers

When: 8/29/2003 - 8/29/2003
Where: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
(excerpt from http://www.heavyweightgladiators.com)

The semi-main event featured “tnt” vs. “the crusher” (sounds like a monster movie!). this bout matched two of the best, new professional female kickboxers in North America - Atlanta based fighter Trisha Hill, trained by Richard Trammell and Kelly Leo vs. Keri Crothers from Stan Peterec’s gym in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Crothers entered the ring with size and reach as her advantage, while Hill had the edge in fight experience. as one might anticipate, the opening round saw Trisha Hill dominate on the inside with Keri Crothers trying with moderate success to use her long legs and punching reach to an advantage on the outside.

In the second round, Crothers initiated each clash with a front leg front kick followed by jabs and crosses in a desperate attempt to keep the fight at a distance. Hill showed remarkable defense, great footwork and excellent timing as she consistently advanced inside crother’s guard, delivering straight right bombs to the head.

in round three, Hill continued to deftly get inside with her right, adding a sharp left hook and finishing with a strong kick. about midway through the round, Trisha blasted carrie with a clean spinning hook kick to the head that brought the already excited fans to their feet. the fourth round proved more of the same, with Hill also delivering a sharp side kick to “crushers” body that brought referee wichgers in for a standing eight count.

just as it looked like Crothers was through, she dug down deep and showed true muaythai style warrior determination, choosing to continue and displaying some effective kicking of her own as the round ended. showing more tremendous spirit and desire, Crothers came out for the fifth and final round more aggressive than ever. she managed to back Trisha up often and steadfastly took Hill’s counter punches until the final bell sounded. Trisha and team trammell took the unanimous decision back to atlanta, while Keri “crusher” Crothers and her corner had every reason to hold their heads high after an excellent effort in front of a very appreciative, cheering crowd.

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