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Getting Back Into It.

All Female Fight Card and FFADV Donation

220 lb amatuer fighter for thai

Looking for MMA Females for a TV Pilot

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  Masahilo M Nakazono Memorial Aikido Event 2007

World Kung Fu and Tai Chi Championships

Special Training 2007: Martial Arts Camp for Women and Girls

Women's Martial Arts Camp -- Special Training 2007

Shin Do Kumate XIII

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Welcome to Tuffgrrlz

Tuffgrrlz is dedicated to female martial-artists and tough girls around the world. Whether you are just starting out, have been in the martial-arts for years, or are considering taking up a martial-art. I am hoping that this site will be useful to you.

My hope is for this site to be an informative gathering place where women in the martial-arts can share ideas and stories about everything from their experience in the martial-arts to training and techniques.

Chicks with Sticks

Writer/Director Tony Ludati of White Gazelle Productions is seeking financing for his first feature martial-arts film. Chicks with Sticks is about a group of delinquent girls trained to fight with staffs for the Chinese Mafia. Check out their website at:


Videos Update

To save on space, I am slowly switching the videos in the gallery over to the Quicktime format. You can get the latest version of Quicktime here:

Download the Quicktime Player

Maxi Guard Chest Protector

Product Review

The results are in! Click here to view my comments

Calling All Female Fighters

Are you trying to gain more exposure for yourself as a fighter? Having problems finding any competition? Is the competition having trouble finding you? (Boxing, Kickboxing, Jujitsu, etc.) Tuffgrrlz can help! Fill out our Fighter Form and be included in our fighter's profile section. If you like, email a photo to the Webmistress to be included with your profile.

Tuffgrrlz wants to hear from You!

Do you have an instructor or training partner that you feel has been a significant influence in the way you train or your attitude towards the Martial-arts? Do you know someone in the martial-arts that you think deserves credit or recognition for something? Post it on Tuffgrrlz! We'd love to hear from you!

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You can now purchase Tuffgrrlz products from cafepress. Check out tuff stuff with the following designs:

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