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Getting Back Into It.

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Getting Back Into It.

By Brittany

so basically this here it my article. its nothing fancy. nothing extreme. its just my story of when i was in tae kwon do.

heres a few things you should know before i begin: i'm 15. i've been out of tae kwon do for roughly 2 years i believe. i was clear up to my brown belt...months away of recieving the skunk belt and about a year from getting my 1st degree black belt.

my reason for getting into taekwondo was for the basic "i wanna know how to protect myself when i get into danger." so what did i do? i told my grandma and soon enough i was at sun yi's academy. i was 11...maybe 12 at that time. i fell in love with it the first day. the kicking, the punching, the yelling. it was amazing. i felt like a kid in a candy store. after that day i pushed myself harder. i went from going 2-3 days out of the week to 5 days a week. i would push myself to the limit or until a knee would give out or my lungs couldn't hold air. i wanted to be the best. each time i tried to better my technique and grow. it was all fun to me. instead of doing basketball or softball, i did tae kwon do. sure it made a few kids scared of me but that really didn't bother me. all i cared about was getting that black belt.

i ranked through the belts fast. each time there was a testing i was there. i went up 4 ranks in a year. i was on a roll. i wanted it so bad. but then...i'm not sure what happened. suddenly i fell out of it. i didnt want to go. my muscles ached. i was exhausted. i felt i couldn't go on anymore. so i made a mistake. i quit. just like that. i was in the process of kicking a punching bag...working on my strikes when i decided i needed a break. i grabbed my bag and walked out. just like that. i was 14 years & 7 months old at that time.

looking back i regret it. here i am...a month from turning sixteen with 10 pounds packed on and a summer of boredom. it seems like the perfect time to get back to my old ways. i want to get back in. i'd love to get back in. i definately will get back in. i just need to get more focused. i realize i'll have to work through the ranks again and push myself even harder but i think i can do it. with the right diet and right attitude i can become that crazy little fighter i was. "the girl who leaves people mashed into the ground" as my instructor use to call me. mashed. that was a great nickname.

i suppose thats my article. my love i had for tae kwon do. the love i still do have for it. i'll keep you posted on whether or not i ever get back into it.

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