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Training in the Martial Arts

By Warren

When it comes to the martial arts, people misunderstand what they are all about. For me, the martial arts is a way of life, not competition.

The problem I have with the martial arts is how men treat women who are training in the martial arts. What I'm trying to say is that I would much rather train with women, because of the fact that women know what works, in that they don't come with this idea of trying to be macho, like the guys do. Guys come in the class with the idea that power is the most important aspect of the martial arts. But, as I have learned, power without perception is nothing. Muscles don't win a fight, the mind is what wins a fight. And, in the end, the martial arts are not just about fighting. I know this might sound kind of strange coming from a guy, but in the past when I've trained in the martial arts, I've had some very bad experiences in that there were guys who were trying to hit me just a little too hard in sparring. I know that sparring prepares you for how fight situations are in the outside world, but I still think that there needs to be some type of control when people spar in class. And that's why I'd much rather train with women because while women train hard, they don't try and deliberately hurt a person in sparring, nor do they enter a martial arts studio with egotistical attitudes.

So, here's to the women in martial arts! Pil Sung! Osu!

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