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By Terilyn

I am writing this because Iam so excited about my decision to begin training in the maritial arts that I am giddy!

For months, I've been running my 8 year old son back and forth to lessons and sitting on the sidelines, wishing I could get out there myself. however, as a perpetually broke, 42 year old single mom, it was not practical for me to consider lessons for myself. Well, during a recent meeting with the school's owner about my son's progress, the conversation sidelined into talk about what it takes to become a black belt, (appx 3 years for taekwondo) and she brought up the family discount in case I had any other children who might want to sign up. This was something I've dreamed about for years, but it did not seem possible.

I spent years in a mentally abusive marriage and my ex was completely against even my son taking on the sport - the thought of me doing it was simply unspeakable, but before I knew it, I heard the words "sign me up" fly out of my mouth. then it hit me, I can't do this, I'm 42 and I weigh 300 lbs, i must be crazy! so I told the lady, never mind, as I'm sure they would never have an outfit to fit me. of course we do she countered. "yeah, maybe but I'm sure you don't have a belt that will fit around my huge stomach". I'm sure we can find you something she countered. "ok, but here's the thing, I'm sure that I am much to fat and out of shape to begin martial arts training so can i please have my check back?" she responded by telling me that I was not the biggest person to take on this challenge and that they would be willing to work w/me if I was willing to work with them. sold!

Ladies, I have to tell you this has been the biggest rush of my life! I don't eat junk now not because I want to lose weight, but because I want to excel at taekwondo! I want my axe kicks to reach shoulder level and my punches to have impact. I now want my body to do more than be a food receptacle, I want my body to be useful. in all the years I've battled overeating and fat, I've never felt the type of resolve I have now, I have a real purpose now. the classes have been killer, but i already see improvements. last month, i could not complete 10 minutes on a treadmill at 3.0 mph; yesterday, i did 20 at 3.5 and did the whole stretching routine, plus practiced kicks. I'm in this for the long haul, I want my black belt so bad I can taste it; and ladies, I made a decision that if I have to cancel cable tv, or go 1/2 on my electricity bill, my lessons are one expense that will not be cut from the budget! wish me luck!

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