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By Phil

i first started my training in 1964.all a bit distant and hazy now.temple karate centre was the dojo.i wado ryu the style.many of the great wado instructors were there.they did'nt pass on though anything but physical movement[my opinion] at the pictures i noticed an advert for the kyu shin kan school of judo.i joined.all instructors were english, and wonder of all wonders ,they trained with you,and actually broke into a sweat ! katas consisted of hean shodan ! [ because i was able to follow the text book [karate by pictures-henri plee] i taught me instructor [ when i was a 15 yr old yellow belt] hean nidan.old karate looked nothing like the modern.the aim was to harm the attacker.by the time i got to nidan as with others my tsuki was almost unblockable.the kime may not have worked in modern day jyu kumite,but outside it was quite solid. salutations and usse to my fellow karateka.

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