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G2 Extreme Knee Brace - Product Review

By Jo-Anne Redublo

Me and my knee brace.

Way back in August last year, I injured my knee. Two orthopedic doctors, a physio therapist and two sports doctors later (plus a couple more incidents with my knee popping and leaving me on the mat in excruciating pain), it was determined that I had a severe tear in my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This apparently is a very common injury as the ACL is the hardest working ligament in the knee. I am on the waiting list for ACL reconstructive surgery (tissue from my hamstring is going to be used to reconstruct my ACL), but as the wait for elective surgery is about 6 - 8 months, my doctor suggested that I pick up a heavy duty knee brace to allow me to keep active.

The G2 Extreme knee brace is a custom fitted brace consisting of an outer shell made of TRIAX (which is an alloy of nylon and ABS plastics), a thigh strap, hinged joint, two calf straps and a knee strap. I was surprised at how light the whole thing was. At first, the brace felt a little stiff. It took a little while to learn how to get the brace on correctly. I had one incident with it where I did not tighten the knee strap enough (the knee strap is probably the most important strap on the brace as it is responsible for keeping your knee stable) and ended up having my knee pop while I was holding the kicking sheild for my partner. Now that I have figured out the perfect strap tightness and brace positioning for me, I can continue to participate in my kickboxing classes.

The brace isn't cheap (about $1000 Canadian), but if you have an ACL injury and your doctor suggests picking up one of these, I would definitely recommend it.

For more information on the G2 Extreme knee brace, visit GII Orthotics Inc.

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