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Grappling Techniques - Getting out of the Mount

By Jo-Anne Redublo

What is the Mount?

Being in the mount is one of the worst situations that you can find yourself in! Your opponent is sitting on you with their knees on either side of your body with the intention of either going for a choke or most likely trying to punch or elbow you in the face. The situation worsens as your opponents knees get closer to your shoulders.

Please note that this is not the end all and be all mount escapes. This is just one variation that I was taught in class. I would welcome all comments and any variations on this.

Your Escape - The Upper Half

If you find yourself in the mount, your opponent will most likely be either punching at you or trying to choke you, or, holding your arms above your head.

If your opponent is punching you, protect your head with your hands. Try blocking the punches at their biceps. Throw your opponent off balance by bumping your hips up and/or putting your knee in their back. This forces them forward where they can not get enough leverage to punch effectively. When you have your opponent forward, hook one arm around their neck and hook the other arm around one of their arms (their arm should be under your arm). Roll your opponent to the side of the arm that you have trapped (see the lower half below).

If your opponent has you in a choke (front sleeper - their arm under your head), turn your head into their elbow to give yourself some breathing room. Roll your opponent in the direction your head is facing.

If your opponent has both or one of their hands pinning your arms down above your head, shoot both of your arms straight up (like you were stretching) you can bring your forehead up to head butt you opponent as they are coming towards you (chin tucked) and roll to one side.

Your Escape - The Lower Half

To roll your opponent over requires that both your lower half and your upper half move in synch. To initiate the roll, place one of your feet outside one of your opponents legs. You want to move the foot of the side that you are going to roll towards, this will be the same side as the arm you trapped (if applicable).

Use your legs to bridge yourself up on your back, forcing your opponent forward. While you are bridged, use the leg that is on the inside of your opponent's legs to roll yourself over. This should put you in your opponent's guard.

What not to do

Don't try to your opponent by swinging your legs up and around their head or shoulders. Most likely, they will evade this or, their ab muscles will be stronger than your back muscles.

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