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By Amanda Abell

I am a yellow belt in Thai boxing. I want to eventually fight maybe even teach. I have done research on both Thai boxing and kickboxing. Though they are alike, I very much appreciate the style of Thai boxing.
The techniques are similar, but with Thai boxing the kicks are with the shins. When you use your shins it gives you more power. In kickboxing you use your foot, a style much like tae-kwon-do. That is what kickboxing originated from. Thai boxing has been around for 2-3 thousand years. The only thing that has changed is the position of the hands. When Thai boxing was first introduced in North America; the American fighters were more focused on the punches, so now the hands are held closer to the face instead of out. Thai boxing is a little different in the states.

In Thailand they still keep the old style and do not agree with the new style. The American people are more familiar with kickboxing. That is why it is much more popular and talked about than 'Muay Thai'. There are many instructors that teach Thai boxing but call it kickboxing so that people will come and train. This is good because the art of Muay Thai is to defend yourself. The Muay Thai style is very accurate on attacking your opponent the best way possible with the eight hardest points of your body. (I would say nine including the head, but that is not allowed)

With much respect for kickboxing because it is so similar, I would still have to say Muay Thai is the greatest. The Thai boxers were headbands and armbands to show off their belt level and defeats. They also do a ritual dance [Ram Muay] for respect, not for good luck or for any religious reason. Muay Thai I believe is a very great martial art.


(For more information on the Ram Muay, please visit the "Ram Muay" section on http://www.womenkickboxing.com -Webmistress)

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