Tuffgrrlz   When two opponents of equal strength and technique fight it off, it is what is in their heart, and how they use their mind that will decide who will win.
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A New Me

By Cathy

Life is short.

One must always take this in to consideration. The popular expression "Carp Diem" or sieze the day is some thing that should be taken to heart and cherished. I only recently took up the martial art of karate ( I figured it was that or hip hop classes) and I am so glad that I did. You see, I am 33 years old, and I had been dreaming of doing "something" for a long time. Something that could be my own - independant of marriage or family or job. I often thought about karate or martial arts as something I'd like to try.

The only thing I can say is go for it. I love it and if I'd started when I was 23 yrs old I would be a black belt today. I train twice a week at my dojo and practice at home. I love what I'm doing and the confidence that it affords me. Now at 33, I battle arthritis, and my opponents in sparring and in basic kata's. I find that with age comes the maturity that we all need as martial artists to compete and to perfect what we practice in kata.

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