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Women Muay Thai Fight Night Part I

When: 2/7/2003 - 2/7/2003
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

(thanks to http://www.womenkickboxing.com for the info!)

Friday, February 7th, 2003
Stardust Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Tickets : $30, $60, and $100
Doors open at 6:30

2003 will introduce the USA to a year of Muay Thai action as Master Toddy embarks on his biggest promotional drive yet. Beginning with February's all-female fight card, every other month is slated to bring the best Muay Thai fighters to Las Vegas. These events are sure to draw the crowd to its feet.

A tremendous success in England, Master Toddy aims to capture lightning in a bottle once again as the battle of the best female Muay Thai fighters comes to the first of three thunderous match-ups under the lights of the Stardust Hotel. There fighters from USA, Canada and England will face their opponents who are determined to be crowned the reigning Warrior-Queens of the ring.

Making their fight debuts this February, the newest members of Master Toddy's fighting team are prepared for the best. These women possess the skills to make their mark in the championship ring. All share the fierce determination that is a characteristic of Master Toddy's fighters. Their fighting techniques are numerous and diverse, just like the cheering crowd that will accompany them to the Stardust Hotel. The bouts are scheduled as follows:

Tasha Marzolla
Tasha Marzolla (Las Vegas, USA)

Nina Magsamen

Tasha is a 5-time Playboy magazine model appearing on the cover numerous times in one year. Beautiful and deadly, Tasha's day job masks the power and offensive weapons that she unleashes in the ring. Her powerful front kick helps keep opponents away from pounding at her face. This weapon will surely be needed as Tasha faces Minnesota's own Nina Magsamen. A master at finding the weak points of any fighter, Nina will surely aim to keep Tasha off the cover of any magazine soon. Her flashing fist combos will be set on one target. Although Nina has more ring experience than her, Tasha has the energy of the hometown crowd behind her. If this fight goes the distance, Tasha can emerge as the victor.

Celina Cruz
Celina Cruz (Las Vegas, USA)
Michele Roseanne Elizabetn Grizzle

Coming fresh off the heels of her impressive victory at the Orleans Hotel last September, Celina Cruz is set on starting the year off with a winning streak. Armed with her favorite piercing front kicks to the face, Celina is out to show that youth combined with heart and skill can be a deadly mix. She is ready to face her overseas opponent.
Michele Grizzle is an undefeated fighter in her home country of England. In order to accept the fight against Celina, she certainly did her homework. She is ready to defend against any kick Celina throws at her with her own fast combos. Michele won't let Celina get any bonus from kicking her in the face. This bout will be a show of the art of Muay Thai at its best.

Linda Loyce
Linda Loyce (San Francisco, USA)
vs. Kate Meehan
"Killer" Kate Meehan (Denver, USA)

Linda Loyce is a well-known fighter from the famed Fairtex Gym in San Francisco, California. A product of champion-trainer Ganyao, Linda has fought some of the best Muay Thai technicians. Her power and speed emerges in her own mastery of Muay Thai attacks. This time she will be facing a different challenge.
"Killer" Kate Meehan of Denver, Colorado, is a champion kickboxer who has fought under Muay Thai rules before. She is fast, nimble, and showcases different techniques during the fight. It will be interesting to see how Kate handles the Muay Thai offense thrown at her from Linda, while Linda will surely be seeing a new approach to how Muay Thai can be mixed with kickboxing in the ring.

Keri Crothers
Keri "The Crusher" Crothers (Canada)
vs. Trisha Hill
Trisha "TNT" Hill
(Georgia, USA)

This bout will be a clash of champions as the two countries bring out the best of Muay Thai to Las Vegas. The championship belts between the two of these fighters would decorate the entire ring if it was still left standing after their match. This battle promises to be one of the biggest fights of the evening.
Returning to the Las Vegas ring after a hard-fought match in China and a karate championship in Canada, Keri "The Crusher" Crothers is ready to face any challenger. Already stepping up to the likes of champions such as Angela Rivera, Keri has proven that she will back down from no one. She will be facing a tough opponent in Georgia's Trisha "TNT" Hill. With Trisha's tremendous punching and kicking power and Keri's height and speed, one of these fighters may feel closer to the mat than she would like. Trisha is known for her hammer-like spinning backfist, but she will have to find Keri first. If Keri misses with her pounding sidekick, she might see stars from Trisha's fists.

Amnesty Cortner
Amnesty "The Cobra" Cortner (Las Vegas, USA)
vs. Nancy Galvin
Nancy Galvin
(San Francisco, USA)

A sharp right hand and solid right kick is what Amnesty plans to use during her fight debut. With all her weapons shooting out like pistons, Amnesty will surely charge forward to bring down her opponent. Her solid punch combos and forward fighting motion can keep an opponent off-balance and defensive for the entire fight. However, she will have to dodge the quick grab-and-knee attack from Jacqueline. Another fighter hailing from the Fairtex Gym, Jacqueline has more experience and can knock a fighter down with a gut-wrenching knee to the midsection. This bout will be a battle of strength between fists and knees.

Yvonne Glines
Yvonne Glines (Las Vegas, USA)
vs. Molly Hucbscher (Minnesota)

Yvonne Glines's tough ring style is a culmination of the endless store of techniques and combos that she possesses. Her fight debut will be a showcase of those quick and powerful combos that she loves. Although Molly has fought in the ring before, it will be tough to overcome Yvonne's quickness. There is talk that this fight won't go the distance.

Ardra Hernandez
Ardra Hernandez (Las Vegas,USA)
Beth Westover (Idaho, USA)

Ardra's quickness at launching counterattacks mixed with her Mexican fighting spirit makes for a very tough fighter. She only knows how to fight forward, and will never be seen on her heels. Beth will have to answer her charging attacks with a barrage of strong punches and kicks. A slight edge with fight experience might bring Beth over the top, but only if she can hold off Ardra's assaults.

Rachel Duangsima
Rachel Duangsima (Las Vegas, USA)
vs. Camie Escobar
Camie Escobar (Utah, USA)

A natural southpaw, a master at ring movement, and a great roundhouse kick that can be felt by even the strongest opponents are a few of the characteristics of Master Toddy's newest fighter, Rachel. Armed with attacks learned from Master Chan, a trainer specializing in southpaw techniques, Rachel will have to continually attack and defend against Utah's Camie Escobar. Not to be outdone, Camie hails from the famed Utah training gym of Sakasem Fairtex. Camie has her own strong offensive weapons that she is eager to show to Rachel.

Patti Teran
Patti Teran (San Francisco, USA)
vs. Naveen Contreras
Naveen Contreras (Fresno, USA)

A revenge match is scheduled for the evening as the smart and cunning Patti Teran of World Team USA plans to avenge her earlier loss to Naveen Contreras of Fresno, California. Patti's whipping roundhouse kick and lightning punches are a few of the weapons that she has been working on while training at Master Toddy's Lionheart Camp in Las Vegas. This bout of the evening will show whether Patti can overcome Naveen's powerful techniques that won her the championship belt last year.

Natalie Fuz
Natalie Fuz (New York, USA)
vs. Staci Carsten
Staci Carsten (Utah)

Coming from a disappointing event where she traveled all the way to Las Vegas last September only to have her opponent fail to show, Natalie has a host of weapons and attacks that she is eager to finally use in the ring. She will be able to test her skills against Staci Carsten who will bring her own punishing moves to send Natalie back to New York. This high-powered bout will have one fighter eager to unleash her skills and another waiting to pound her opponent back to where she came from.

Christine Toledo
Christine Toledo (Las Vegas, USA)
Alisanne Casey (Utah, USA)

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