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Shin Do Kumate' IX

When: 3/4/2006 - 3/4/2006
Where: St. Petersburg, FL, United States

Tampa, FLl – six professional fighters pulled out of their matches against master mehrdad moayedi of st. petersburg, fl. “it appears that no one wants to fight him,” says matchmaker joel collins of mkm knockout promotions, inc.” tampa bay fight fans were anxiously awaiting master mehrdad’s championship fight. september 17th marked the 8th event for shin do kumaté and four fighters backed out of that event alone against master mehrdad. james sisco was the most recent opponent and he showed up at the weigh-in with an air-cast on his arm. frustrated and angry, master mehrdad lost his cool at the wyndham hotel in tampa, fla. and while yelling at the cameraman who was video taping the dramatic series of events, the camera’s light bulb exploded.
an 8th degree blackbelt and current shin do kumaté heavyweight champion, master mehrdad has been training for months to defend his title. however, opponents have been dropping out left and right claiming minor injuries – even after signing contracts. “i don’t know how much more of this i can take,” said master mehrdad. i’m so ready to get in the ring and i have so much building up inside me, it takes a lot as a professional fighter, mentally and physically, to prepare for a fight and it’s very frustrating when i keep losing opponents. these guys call themselves world champions, but i haven’t seen one yet. show me one guy who will step in the ring with me and i’ll show you a champion!”
ironically, master mehrdad has always had this problem and he blamed it on “fighting industry politics”. he was signed to fight in k-1 twice, but was pulled out of the line-up for unwarranted reasons. this drove him to start his own fighting organization so that he could fight any professional fighter, as well as provide the opportunity for other passionate fighters to fight in an unbiased arena. he started the shin do kumaté and sanctioned all of his events with the florida state boxing commission. i’m very happy with how far the event has come in such a short time and this event is becoming very successful, but my passion is fighting and all this is for nothing if i can’t fight.”
the list of fighters who have backed out includes k-1 fighter & mexican heavyweight champion pedro fernandez; k-1 fighter and ikf national heavyweight champion and iska heavyweight champion kelly leo; wma wako and cko champion james sisco; k-1 fighter and kyokushin karate champion tomasz kucharzewski; and skf world heavyweight champion, patrick barry.
rick roufus, six-time world kickboxing champion, is signed to fight master mehrdad on march 4th, 2006 in tampa, fl. he was interviewed live on the air from phoenix, az at september 17 event and vowed to fulfill his contract to fight master mehrdad. for more information, please log onto www.mkmfights.com.

# # #
contact information:
yolanda vandeneinde, promoter
mkm knockout promotions, inc. (727) 490-5473

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