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Excalibur Extreme Fight Challenge XIII

When: 12/7/2002 - 12/7/2002
Where: Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

The organizers of the Excalibur Extreme Fight Challenge (EEFC) have once again hosted one of the most exciting East Coast events showcasing top fighters from around the country. EEFC XIII held December 7th in Richmond, VA at the Showplace featured twelve exciting bouts combining a mixture of Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts action. The lineup included three US Muay Thai Title matches from the World Kickboxing Association in addition to an Excalibur Extreme Fight Challenge MMA Title match between defending champion Nate "The Rock" Quarry (Team Quest - OR) and Todd "Crazy" Carney (School of the Fighting Arts --WV). Joe Silva, UFC Match Maker, and Randy Couture, former UFC Heavy Weight Champion and Team Quest coach, showed their support by attending this electrifying event.

The EEFC XIII opened with several outstanding preliminary Muay Thai and MMA amateur competitions. During the first preliminary Muay Thai match, Gary Nahabir (Phil Nurse Muay Thai - NY) demonstrated determination in his third round comeback with a TKO over Jerome Wilson (Prodigy MA - VA). Next up was a hard-hitting MMA fight resulting in a decision for Christian Montes (Ronin Combat Athletics - NY) over Seph Smith (MOD - VA). In an exhibition Muay Thai match, Greg Dorsey (Prodigy MA - VA) making his first appearance in the ring since a knee injury showed he still was a formidable contender. Dorsey controlled Aramis Sartorio (Phil Nurse Muay Thai - NY) throughout the entire three rounds. In the fourth fight of the evening, MMA fighter, José Villarsco (VABAMA - VA) proved his versatility by scoring points with good stand up skills before going to the ground and quickly securing a submission over Shaun Ciferri (Team Rival - FL). The next Muay Thai match ended quickly as Kiley Maynard (Linxx - MD) TKO'ed his inexperienced opponent Jeff Smith (Prodigy MA - VA). Mitch Harris (Linxx - MD) scored a unanimous decision after slowing down Josh Hightower (Prodigy MA - VA) with some excellent knees to the body.

National Forms champion Jonathan Mahew (Justice Karate - VA) kicked off the main events with a thrilling exhibition of a "Bullwhip" form. Following with the same intensity, the first main event match paired Lynda Loyce (Fairtex - CA) and Bertina Lee (Prodigy MA - VA) squaring off in 5 x 2 min rounds for the WKA US Title (Muay Thai -55kg). Loyce charged forward throwing her trademark "heavy" handed blows. Behind on the scorecards, Lee appearing tireless turned up the heat in the 3rd and 4th rounds executing aggressive combinations to even the score. In the tie breaking 5th round, both fighters fought relentlessly with a renewed second wind. Loyce finished the round strong and was rewarded by winning a unanimous decision the WKA US Title.

In a scheduled 2 x 5min round MMA match, Shawn Porter (Team Executioner - SC) and Jake "The Snake" Pruitt (Eagle Gym - GA) were paired. Pruitt came out strong and drove Porter to the corner. Porter countered with double under hooks and quickly reversed his position pinning Pruitt to the corner post. Porter continued to control the action with knees and a take down. As Porter attempted to take Pruitt's back for a rear choke, Pruitt was able get to his feet and stand. However in the end, Porter managed to elude the Snake's efforts to break a choke by sinking it in deep for the submission.

Giovanni "The Messenger" Lemm (VBAMA - VA) and Joe Sampieri (Phil Nurse Muay Thai - NY) made their way to the ring to perform the Thai traditional Ram Muay/Wai Kru ceremonial dance before the next WKA US Title match (Muay Thai -75kg). The match started out with both fighters executing a wide variety of techniques. Both fighters worked punch and kick combinations and finished with the Thai clinch and knee work. However, late in the first round Lemm exited one of the clinches with a cut over his left eye. Although the cut was checked and cleared by the ringside physician, it seemed to constantly distract Lemm. Sampieri seized the opportunity and even seemed to feed on Lemm's distraction to unlash a full range of powerful blows. Lemm tried to slow down Sampieri by clinching which ironically seemed to sway in Sampieri's favor. Joe Sampieri was awarded the unanimous decision and the WKA US title (Muay Thai -71kg).

The semi final MMA featuring Scott Johnson (Team Rival - FL) and Joel "Baby Silver Back" Blanton (Animal House - IN) began like a replay of Porter vs. Pruitt. One fighter pinning the other in the corner and then getting reversed until the fighters moved to the center of the ring to exchange kicks and punches. Johnson soon abandoned the center of the ring and put Blanton to the corner post. After a successful take down, Johnson attempted to move to side control and then work for the mount. Though during this transition, Blanton was able to sink in a front choke and hold on to it to submit Johnson.

Originally Shawn Yarborough (Linxx - VA) was to be matched with Hassan Belkhatir (Sitan Gym - NY). However when he suddenly became unavailable two weeks prior to the show, Steve Richards (VBAMA - VA) stepped up to the plate. In the early stages of this WKA US Title (Muay Thai -81kg) match, both fighters came out hitting hard and often. Yarborough's focus was on devastating leg kicks while Richards' answered with his tremendous hand speed. Round two continued at the same pace with both fighters taking their best shots at one another. In rounds 3 through 5, Yarborough seemed to shift into a coasting gear while Richards transitioned to overdrive. Richards capitalized on his superior hand speed to carry him to a unanimous decision and the WKA US Title (Muay Thai -81kg).

Nate "The Rock" Quarry (Team Quest - OR) stepped into the ring to defend his Excalibur Extreme Fight Challenge Title (Mixed Martial Arts - Middle Weight). His opponent Todd "Crazy" Carney (School of the Fighting Arts - WV) with his 21-8 MMA record had recently come off a victory at the Hammer House Cage Fights in Ohio. This 3 x 5 minute round title match started with both competitors testing their stand up skills in the center of the ring. After exchanging punches back and forth, Quarry moved into the double under hook clinch. Carney answered by working short body and head hook punches. Next both fighters began exchanging knees to the body. Before Carney could complete a double leg takedown, Quarry dropped to his guard. Quarry quickly began to work for a triangle choke while Carney attempted to reposition himself to counter the triangle. But just as Carney started to reposition himself to counter the triangle, Quarry switched over to an arm bar to submit Carney and retain the EEFC Middle Weight Title.

Next EEFC is scheduled for March 2003. For further information on future EEFC Events you can contact Promoter Mike Davis at (serene1@msn.com) or Fight Coordinator Brian Crenshaw at (prodigyma@aol.com).

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