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Quest for the Best 2

When: 1/21/2004 - 1/21/2004
Where: Spokane, Washington, U.S.A.
Well once again a max compasity crowd of just over 500 people turned out for quest for the best 2. The second casino fights put on by promoter and owner of the tko kickboxing center in Spokane, Washington. Kickboxing-muay thai-pankration and (2) t.k.k.o kickboxing titles.10 fights total and no lack of action. If the croud wanted some tough fights and two awesome title bouts, they were not going to leave felling robbed. Jan-21st 2004 at the northern quest casino in Spokane was the event location. Promoter michael hoxie put together a night of action that no body would could leave unhappy.

Not to down play so many good fights but jumping to the last three fights is where were going to pick up. Greta hicks from Adrian Serrano’s gym in Milwaukee - a 10-hour fight to Spokane. And local fighter Melissa Roloff from Brazilian jiu-jitsu Spokane made their Pankration debuts and this fight didn't go long. The first round started and Greta out of the shoot was on. Delivering some awesome open hand strikes to Melissa’s head and dominating on her feet. Melissa realizing she was in trouble shot in and tried to take Greta down, but this backfired as Melissa fell back in to the guard. Greta's close fist punches to Melissa’s body were breaking her down and Melissa was about to tap out. Then both fights got back to there feet. This was not the place for Melissa and the towel was thrown in. Great fight girls, sometimes one round is enough and their first Pankration fight was done.

Next was the first of two title shots - the T.K.K.O. cruiserweight championship. Charlie Shaw from Lameque dojo in the Tri-Cities was the challenger and Carmen Cassela from NW Kenpo Spokane the champion – scheduled for a 5 round title defense. The rounds were precise and not one fighter dominated more than the other. This fight was looking like it was going to the champion and the last two rounds, Charlie came on like a bull seeing red. There was no denying the new champion, and both fighters were glad it was done. Good fight guys and wow a new champion.

Well the best for last, and it was that and then some. Side note:( as a promoter you can only hope for a good main event but i had no idea when matching this fight it was going to be such a war of leg kicks and un answered blows to the head, but these two will fight again...) Well the fight was with Daniel Harrington from lotus self defense in Spokane vs Tony Williams from PBBA martial arts in Everett, Washington. This was the T.K.K.O. middleweight championship. Also 5 rounds scheduled for this bout. Round one: both fighters feeling each other out both showing they were there to fight. Round two: Both fighters turning up a lot. This round was scary. Tony threw a hard right hand and it landed with some force, Dan fell to the corner. Dan tried to get up and fell into the ref and count started. 8 are you still able to fight? The ref asked Dan, he nodded his head and 30 more seconds the round was over. Dan's corner worked hard to get Dan back in his game. All the while looking like this was Tony’s fight. Well the 3rd and 4th round were brutal, both fighters taking a beating, but near the end of the 4th round Tony looked in trouble as Dan was hitting Tony with everything and Tony was unable to counter. The bell rang and they went to there corners, well this looks like Dan really wants this belt and the last round should be a great one in TKO's history books. But this was not to happen, Tony could not get out of his corner to answer the 5th round. Collapsing in his corner and having shortness of breathe was taken to the emergency room. But later was let go with no real injuries just his pride. What a title fight, and both fighters fought their hearts out. Thanks to all the local fighters and their coaches to putting on our last event at the Northern Quest Casino, a good one. And new champion Daniel Harrington.

http://www.tkokickboxing.com for photo's of this event.
Thanks, see ya the next one.. Owner-promoter-trainer Michael Hoxie

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