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Sparring Techniques

By Jo-Anne Redublo

Hello all, here are a couple of my favorite sparring techniques (point sparring and kickboxing). Enjoy!

The Rolling Back Knuckle

This is one I learned and used a lot in my Kenpo days. I use this one in point sparring since it is difficult to do this with big gloves on.

- Shuffle in on your opponent with a straight punch (same hand as the foot you have forward)
- If your opponent blocks you on the outside of your elbow, allow your elbow to fold in slightly and circle around to do a back-knuckle to the side of your opponent's head
- If your opponent blocks you on the inside of your elbow, bring your other hand in a slightly circular motion to move your opponent's blocking hand out of the way (to the side and downwards) as your punching hand circles around to back knuckle

Two Kick Combo

I use this one when kickboxing and doing point sparring:

- Off your back leg, throw a high roundhouse kick. If you opponent moves backwards, carry the kick through and let your foot touch the floor at about 8 o'clock
- Let this foot "bounce" off the floor and propell yourself forward with a mid-level side kick

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